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Zoe’s Tale PART II Chapter Eighteen

The discussion Hickory was having with Dad about the Conclave and the Colonial Union was truly intriguing, until where Hickory said it and Dickory were intending to murder my folks. At that point, well. I kind of lost it. To be reasonable, it had been a truly taxing day. I had said great night to Enzo, hauled my butt home, and could scarcely think sufficiently straight to shroud the stone blade in my wardrobe and battle off Babar's lick assault all over before I fallen onto my bunk and dropped without trying to get as far as possible uncovered. Sooner or later after I set down, Jane returned home from the clinical sound, kissed me on the brow and sneaked off my boots, however I scarcely recall that other than mumbling something to her about how cheerful I was she was better. In any event, that is the thing that I was stating inside my head; I don't have the foggiest idea whether my mouth shaped the genuine words. I figure it did. I was worn out at that point. Not all that a lot from that point forward, however, Dad came in and tenderly poked me alert. â€Å"Come on, hon,† he said. â€Å"I need you to accomplish something for me.† â€Å"I'll do it in the morning,† I muttered. â€Å"I swear.† â€Å"No, sweetheart,† he said. â€Å"I need you to do it now.† The tone of his voice, delicate however tenacious, revealed to me he truly needed me to get up. I did, yet with enough protesting to keep up my respect. We went to the family room of our cabin; Dad guided me to the love seat, which I sat on and attempted to keep up a drowsy express that would permit me to return to rest when we were finished with whatever it was we were doing. Father took a seat at his work area; Mom remained close to him. I grinned languidly at her yet she appeared not to take note. Among me and my folks were Hickory and Dickory. Father addressed Hickory. â€Å"Can both of you lie?† he asked it. â€Å"We have not yet deceived you,† Hickory said. Which even in my sluggish state I perceived as not being a genuine response to the inquiry that was posed. Father and Hickory chatted to and fro somewhat about what having the option to lie brings to a discussion (as I would see it, generally the capacity to not need to contend about dumb things it's simply better to lie about, yet nobody asked me), and afterward Dad requested that I advise Hickory and Dickory to respond to every one of his inquiries with no untruths or avoidances. This at long last woke me as far as possible up. â€Å"Why?† I inquired. â€Å"What's going on?† â€Å"Please do it,† Dad said. â€Å"All right,† I stated, and afterward went to Hickory. â€Å"Hickory, it would be ideal if you answer my father without misleading him or avoiding his inquiries. All right?† â€Å"As you wish, Zoe,† Hickory said. â€Å"Dickory too,† I said. â€Å"We will both answer truthfully,† Hickory said. â€Å"Thank you,† Dad stated, and afterward turned around to me. â€Å"You can hit the hay now, sweetie.† This irritated me. I was an individual, not a fact serum. â€Å"I need to realize what's going on,† I said. â€Å"It's not something you have to stress about,† Dad said. â€Å"You request me to have these two come clean with you, and you need me to trust it's not something I have to stress about?† I inquired. The rest poisons were taking as much time as necessary leaving my framework, on the grounds that even as I was stating this I understood it came out demonstrating somewhat more mentality to my folks than was totally justified right now. As though to affirm this, Jane fixed herself up a piece. â€Å"Zoe,† she said. I recalibrated. â€Å"Besides, on the off chance that I leave there's no assurance they won't deceive you,† I stated, attempting to sound more sensible. â€Å"They're genuinely prepared to mislead you, since they couldn't care less about baffling you. Be that as it may, they would prefer not to disillusion me.† I didn't have a clue whether this was in reality obvious or not. Be that as it may, I was getting it was. Father went to Hickory. â€Å"Is this true?† â€Å"We would deceive you on the off chance that we felt it was necessary,† Hickory said. â€Å"We would not deceive Zoe.† There was a truly intriguing inquiry here of whether Hickory was stating this since it was in reality evident, or whether it was stating it so as to back me up on what I stated, and if the last mentioned, what the real truth estimation of the announcement was. In the event that I were increasingly conscious, I figure I would have pondered it more at that point. In any case, as it might have been, I just gestured and stated, â€Å"There you go,† to my father. â€Å"Breathe a peep about this to anybody and you're spending the following year in the pony stall,† Dad said. â€Å"My lips are sealed,† I stated, and nearly made a lip-locking movement, however reconsidered it at last. What's more, something to be thankful for, as well, on the grounds that unexpectedly Jane came up and lingered over me, bearing her I am as genuine as death articulation. â€Å"No,† she said. â€Å"I need you to comprehend that what you're hearing here you totally can't impart to any other person. Not Gretchen. No of your different companions. Not anybody. It is anything but a game and it is anything but a pleasant mystery. This is dead genuine business, Zoe. In case you're not prepared to acknowledge that, you have to leave this room at this moment. I'll take my risks with Hickory and Dickory misleading us, yet not you. So do you comprehend that when we instruct you not to impart this to anybody, that you can't impart it to any other individual? Truly or no.† A few considerations entered my brain at that point. The first is that it was occasions such as this when I had the littlest suspicion of how startling Jane more likely than not been as a trooper. She was the best mother a young lady would ever have, no doubt about it, however when she got this way, she was as hard and cold and immediate as any individual could be. She was, to utilize a word, scaring. Furthermore, this was simply with words. I attempted to envision her following over a war zone with a similar demeanor all over she had now, and standard-issue Defense Forces rifle. I think I really felt at any rate three of my inward organs contract at the idea. The second is I considered what she would think about my capacity to leave well enough alone on the off chance that she had recognized what I had quite recently finished with my night. The third was perhaps she did, and that was what this was about. I felt a few other of my inner organs contract at that idea. Jane was all the while taking a gander at me, cold like stone, hanging tight for my answer. â€Å"Yes,† I said. â€Å"I comprehend, Jane. Not a word.† â€Å"Thank you, Zoe,† Jane said. At that point she bowed down and kissed the highest point of my head. Much the same as that, she was my mother once more. Which in its manner made her significantly all the more unnerving, on the off chance that you ask me. That settled, Dad began getting some information about the Conclave and what it and Dickory thought about that gathering. Since we had made the bounce to Roanoke, we had been trusting that the Conclave will discover us, and when they discovered us, to decimate us, similar to they had pulverized the Whaid province in the video the Colonial Union had given us. Father needed to know whether what Hickory thought about the Conclave was unique in relation to what we knew. Hickory said truly, fundamentally. They knew a lot about the Conclave, in light of the Obin government's own documents on them †and that their own records, in opposition to what we had been told by the Colonial Union, demonstrated that when it came to provinces, the Conclave very much wanted to empty the settlements they defied, as opposed to crushing them. Father asked Hickory for what valid reason, on the off chance that they had distinctive data, they had not shared it before. Hickory said on the grounds that they had been requested not to by their administration; neither Hickory nor Dickory would have lied about having the data if Dad had asked them, however he had never gotten some information about it. I think this struck Dad as a piece weaselly with respect to Hickory and Dickory, yet he let it go. Father inquired as to whether it'd seen the video the Colonial Union had given us, of the Conclave crushing the Whaid state. Hickory said that it and Dickory had their own adaptation. Father inquired as to whether their rendition was extraordinary; Hickory said it was †it was longer and indicated General Gau, who had requested the obliteration of the Whaid settlement, attempting to persuade the Whaidi province pioneer to let the Conclave clear the homesteaders, just to have the Whaid won't leave before the annihilation of their state. Hickory said that different occasions, on other state universes, homesteaders asked to be cleared, and the Conclave stole them away the planet, and sent them back to their homeworlds or permitted them to join the Conclave as residents. Jane requested numbers. Hickory said they was aware of seventeen settlement evacuations by the Conclave. Ten of those had the Conclave returning homesteaders to their previous homes. Four of those had the homesteaders joining the Conclave. Just three included the decimation of the provinces, after the homesteaders would not move. The Conclave was dead genuine about not permitting any other individual to begin new states, however †not at all like what we were told by the Colonial Union †didn't demand murdering everybody on those new provinces to come to the meaningful conclusion. This was entrancing stuff †and upsetting. Provided that what Hickory was stating was genuine †and it was, on the grounds that Hickory would not mislead me, or to my folks without wanting to †at that point it implied that either the Colonial Union had been uncontrollably off-base about the Conclave, and its pioneer General Gau, or that the CU had deceived us when it mentioned to us what might occur if the Conclave discovered us. The first of these was positively conceivable, I assume; the Colonial Union was in a condition of dynamic threatening vibe with pretty much every other outsider race that we thought about, which I would conjecture would make knowledge gathering more earnestly than it may be on the off chance that we had more companions. In any case, all things considered, the second of these was reality: Our administration deceived us. Be that as it may, if the Colonial Union deceived us, for what reason did it do it? What did it get from deceiving us, punting us to who knows where known to man, and making us live in dread of being found †and putting

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The Book The End of the Wild by Stephen Meyer

The Book “The End of the Wild” by Stephen Meyer The Book “The End of the Wild” by Stephen Meyer Jul 16, 2019 in Book Review The book The End of the Wild by Stephen Meyer touches upon the significant problem of contemporary ecology: endangered species. Nowadays, it is of common knowledge that this problem is becoming more and more serious. The main idea of the author is to demonstrate the paramount importance of it. He proves it providing the fact that “over the next 100 years or so as many as half of the Earth’s species, representing a quarter of the planet’s genetic stock, will either completely or functionally disappear” (Meyer 4). In spite of the fact that Stephen Meyer admits that so-called extinction crisis has already finished, and the “the race to save the composition, structure, and organization of biodiversity as it exists today” (Meyer 5) is lost, the author of the book provides some ways of preventing the situation from becoming worse. The evidence of the thesis on which the book focuses is proved by pure facts. The book is divided into 7 chapters; each of them is de voted to one of the aspects of the author’s point of view. Making a profound analysis of the data provided in the book, it is evident that it is quite informational and thought-provoking, as there is no sentence in the book that does not deal with the current global problem. All passages are structured so that to make the information clear and logically developed for the readers. The first chapter of the book is entitled “The Extinction Crisis Is Over” and can be considered to be an introduction to the whole book, as it states the problem under consideration. The content of the book corresponds to the introduction and the main points that the readership is intended to understand. Furthermore, they are logical and well-developed with the evidence. For instance, in the second chapter, the author demonstrates that the reason for the problem to have become so serious is the understanding of a concept of wildlife. He denotes that “fundamental is the notion of a landscape where the handprint of humanity is invisible â€" and specifically wher e the forces of natural selection smother those of human selection. Chat now Order now The problem is that there is virtually no place left on Earth that fits this definition” (Meyer 8). This statement is proved by clear evidences. For example, the author states that “from the most remote corners of the frozen Arctic to the darkest interiors of the Amazon’s tropical rainforests, the impact of humanity now drives biological systems” (Meyer 9). The tremendous impact of the mankind on the environment comprises three types of causes: “landscape transformation, geochemical modification (pollution), and biotic consumption and manipulation” (Meyer 19). In order to raise the environmental consciousness of the readers, the author gives them quite shocking example. One of them is the following: 80% of “Caribbean corals have died off in the past two decades from diseases fueled by pollution from municipal waste-water treatment plants and agricultural runoff flooding into coastal waters” (Meyer 21). What is more, in his book, Stephen Meyer addresses each reader per sonally. He notifies that modern people demand “instant-on appliances, out-of-season vegetables, and ten-mile-per-gallon armored transports” (Meyer 75). When each reader contemplates these facts, he/she understands that even his/her everyday lifestyle is based on the damage of environment and causing an abundance of species extinction. While discussing the possible ways of making the situation seem acceptable, the author also tries to do his best to make each personality observe the problem that is discussed in the book and desire to take actions. He admits that “the long-term slowing of the impact of human selection is only possible through action that comes from within us as individuals and gains hold as society-wide norms” (Meyer 78). This peculiarity of the author’s style makes the readership understand the seriousness of the problem much better. On the other hand, there are some weak points of the book. The main one is the fact that the same points are repeated several times. For instance, the author focuses on pollution as one of the principal causes of ecological problems in several chapters, whereas it was possible to touch upon the concept of this problem only in one of them.

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Symbols of the Greek God Apollo

Apollo is the Greek God of the sun, light, music, truth, healing, poetry, and prophesy, and one of the most well-known gods in Greek mythology. Known as the ideal of youth and athleticism, Apollo is the son of the Zeus and Leto; and his twin sister, Artemis, is the goddess of the moon and the hunt. Like many of the Greek Gods, Apollo has many symbols. These symbols were usually associated with the great accomplishments those deities made or pertained to the domains over which they ruled. Symbols of  Apollo   Bow and arrowsThe lyreThe ravenRays of light radiating from his headBranch of laurelWreath What Apollos Symbols Mean Apollos silver bow and arrow represent his defeat of the monster Python (or Phython). Python was a serpent who lived near Delphi, considered the center of the earth. In a frenzy of jealousy over Zeus infidelity with Leda, Hera sent Python to chase Leto away: at the time, Leto was pregnant with the twins Apollo and Artemis, and their birth was delayed. When Apollo was grown, he shot the Python with arrows and took over Delphi as his own shrine. The bow and arrow symbol is also a reference to Apollo as the god of plagues who shot plague arrows at the enemy during the Trojan war. DEA / G. DAGLI ORTI / Getty Images The lyre—which is perhaps his most well-known symbol—signifies that Apollo is the god of music. In ancient myths, the god Hermes created the lyre and gave it to Apollo in exchange for the rod of health—or for the cows that the mischievous Hermes had stolen from Apollo. Apollos lyre has the power to turn items—like stones—into musical instruments. De Agostini / G. Nimatallah / Getty Images The raven is a symbol of Apollos anger. Once all ravens were white birds or so goes the myth, but after delivering bad news to the god he scorched the wings of the raven so that all ravens going forward were black. The bad news brought by the bird was that of the infidelity of his lover Coronis who, pregnant with Asclepius, fell in love and slept with Ischys. When the raven told Apollo of the affair, he became enraged that the bird had not pecked out Ischys eyes, and the poor raven was an early example of the messenger being shot. Tomisti / Wikimedia Commons  / CC BY-SA 3.0 Apollo God of the Sun The rays of light that radiate from Apollos head symbolize that he is the god of the sun. According to the Greek myth, each morning Apollo rides a golden flaming chariot across the sky bringing daylight to the world. In the evening his twin, Artemis, goddess of the moon, rides her own chariot across the sky bringing darkness.  Apollo is symbolized by rays of light. Corbis  / Getty Images The branch of laurels was actually something Apollo wore as a sign of his love for the demigod Daphne. Unfortunately, Daphne was cursed by the Goddess Eros to have a hatred of love and lust. It was an act of revenge against Apollo who claimed he was a better archer than Eros. Eventually, after Daphne grew tired of Apollos chasing she begged her father the river god Peneus for help. He turned Daphne was into a laurel tree to escape the love of Apollo. The laurel wreath that Apollo wears is a symbol of victory and honor, which was used in Greek times to identify the victors in athletic competitions, including the Olympics. Apollos wreath combines the laurel for Daphne, the coronal effect of the suns rays, and the beauty and power of young, beardless, athletic men.

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The Learning Goals For A Professional Nurse - 987 Words

The learning goals for this course incorporate a combination of personal fears and topics which are needed to improve my standing as a professional nurse. The first learning goal of this course is understanding the research process. This will be covered in module four of the course. The basic understanding of the framework of the research process is an important first step in deciphering the verbosity of research studies. Individuals attempting to research a problem and those reading and studying the research data must be able to determine the primary goal of the study to determine its relevance to the situation. Module four will provide the needed insight in the quest for achieving this learning goal. The second learning goal for this course centers on the subjects of qualitative and quantitative research. According to the Qualitative Research Consultants Association, qualitative research is defined as research â€Å"designed to reveal a target audience’s range of behavior and the perceptions that drive it with reference to specific topics or issues†(Qualitative Research Consultants Association, 2015, para 2). Conversely, quantitative research is defined as† any research based on something that can be accurately and precisely measured† (University of Wisconsin-Madison Ebling Library, 2016). The understanding of these terms and their place in nursing research will be required in the synthesis of data acquired through research. Modules that will address these topics are three andShow MoreRelatedGoals Of Professional Socialization785 Words   |  4 PagesProfessional socialization has four goals: (1) to learn the technology of the profession- the facts, ski lls, and theory, (2) to learn to internalize the professional culture, (3) to find a personally and professionally acceptable version of the role, and (4) to integrate this professional role into all of the other life roles (Masters, p. 174). In the first goal, it is our duty to stay in touch with advancing technology. This advancement allows more efficient and precise diagnostics. We are learningRead MoreEvaluation Of A Nursing Internship Experience Based On An Educational Program For Wound Assessment And Documentation1451 Words   |  6 Pagesoccurrences. Mastered prepared nurses play an important role in organizational performance and the delivery of quality patient care. This paper will describe and summarize graduate nursing practicum experience in developing an educational program for wound assessment and documentation. The nursing practicum is an opportunity for graduate nurse to apply theoretical knowledge and gain experience based on personal goals and learning objectives. It will also include practicum goals, objective, program effectivenessRead MoreProfessional Performance Standards Of Professional Nursing Practice895 Words   |  4 PagesThe Standards of Professional Nursing Practice Professional Performance Standard Leadership in Nursing Practice The American Nurses Association (ANA) established The Standards of Professional Nursing Practice (2010). The Standards of Professional Nursing Practice consist of Standards of Practice and Standards of Professional Performance. The standards serve as guidelines to define the profession of nursing and define the scope of practice for professional nurses. All standards presented in TheRead MoreEvaluating The Learning Environment For Nursing Education Curriculum And Professional Development809 Words   |  4 Pagesopportunity to participate in the teaching/evaluation of nurses at various educational levels in the hospital setting. This focused practicum involves course preparation, actual classroom teaching, evaluation methods (testing, conferencing), and participation in meetings. This practicum will provide this student with a variety of teaching strategies, knowledge, skills, and evaluative approaches designed to promote a productive and effective learning environment within the hos pital setting. Practicum ObjectivesRead MoreThe Importance Of Nursing Patients With Multi Resistant Organisms ( Mros )1269 Words   |  6 Pagesand to turn it into learning (Boud et al, 1993). The skill of reflection is essential to the development of clinical knowledge and ability which allows the learner to consider personal and professional skills and identify needs for ongoing development (Levett-Jones et al, 2011). This reflection will allow me to analyse the goal of nursing patients with Multi-Resistant Organisms (MROs), I planned to learn and understand at the beginning of the course, evaluate my professional growth and obtain conclusionsRead MoreLifelong Learning Plan And Role Analysis Essay1199 Words   |  5 Pages Lifelong Learning Plan and Role Analysis Dimietris D. Thompson Sacred Heart University Lifelong Learning Plan and Role Analysis The Future of Nursing report of 2010 called for the increase in the number of bachelor-prepared nurses in the workforce to be at 80% by 2020 (American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 2015). The goal is to encourage nurses to achieve higher education and seek lifelong learning. Lifelong learning, however, goes beyond advanced degreesRead MoreProfessional Development Plan For An Advanced Practice Nurse Essay1136 Words   |  5 Pages Professional Development Plan Adetola Okutubo Walden University NURS 6001, Spring Qtr. 02/29-05/22-PT3, Foundations of Graduate Study April 3, 2016 Professional Development Plan In furtherance of a lifelong desire to become an advanced practice nurse, I herewith articulate my professional development plan (PDP) based on Walden University’s program of study (POS), in alignment with my personal and professional goals. I welcome this opportunity to begin the development of professional portfolioRead MoreProgram Of Study And The Professional Development Plan901 Words   |  4 PagesStudy and the Professional Development Plan The program of study I have selected is the Masters of Science in Nursing Education Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN) track. The purpose of this paper is to explain my choice and provide a depiction of my personal and professional background. I will also explain professional and personal goals related to the curriculum and the practicum. Educational and Professional Background I’ll commence by declaring I have always sought to be a nurse ever sinceRead MoreMy Nursing Philosophy : My Philosophy Of Nursing Practice1074 Words   |  5 Pagesalways adhere to professional standards, guidelines and professional codes of conduct. I have a commitment to quality of care through lifelong learning to advance my competence, as well as through engaging in research to generate new knowledge which sustains nursing as a profession. Learning plan Career development is recognised as the realisation of personal goals and interests in one’s career (Kuijpers, Schyns Scheerens 2006). Thus, planning for my career direction, setting goals and knowing myselfRead MoreThe Standards Of Professional Nursing Practice860 Words   |  4 Pages The American Nurses Association (ANA) established The Standards of Professional Nursing Practice (2010). The Standards of Professional Nursing Practice consists of Standards of Practice and Standards of Professional Performance. The standards serve as guidelines to define the profession of nursing and define the scope of practice for professional nurses. All standards presented in the The Standards of Professional Nursing Practice (2010) are essential for the nursing professional to function, legally

The Internship Program

Question: What are The main roles and responsibilities in The Internship Program? Answer: The main roles and responsibilities in the internship program are to support the business analysts of the organization in the process of mapping and data changes. The person has to check the progress of any software. If required, the person will have to analyze the data and test the cases. As an intern, the person ahs to support the business analysts as well as the business team to track any error or resolve any issue. The internship will help the individual is developing skills in SDLC methodologies, the root cause analysis and also brush up the project management skills. The individual will also gain knowledge about the six-sigma principles and the corporate finance. The knowledge under corporate finance includes the balance sheet, peripherals of loan and deposits and the person will be able to carry out ratio analysis. In the professional world, the six-sigma principles will help the person in handling customers in a better manner (Antony et al. 2012). Customers who have problems with the use of any technology needs to be handled carefully and intelligently. The internship program will be helpful for the individual because it will give technical knowledge as well as knowledge of handling the customers. The person will be able to handle the customers properly by teaming it up with the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) methodologies (Leau et al. 2012). Once a person will have the knowledge about the software development, resolving an issue will even easier. References Antony, J., Krishan, N., Cullen, D. and Kumar, M., 2012. Lean Six Sigma for higher education institutions (HEIs) Challenges, barriers, success factors, tools/techniques.International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management,61(8), pp.940-948. Leau, Y.B., Loo, W.K., Tham, W.Y. and Tan, S.F., 2012. Software development life cycle AGILE vs traditional approaches. InInternational Conference on Information and Network Technology(Vol. 37, No. 1, pp. 162-167).

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The Lady from Shanghai Film Noir Essay Example

The Lady from Shanghai Film Noir Paper In classical Greek mythology, the sirens were creatures, which would sing so beautifully that sailors would wreck their ships and drown. Another creature in classical Greek mythology was Circe, a beautiful witch who would destroy the men who came to her island by turning them into animals. How does Orson Welles update these classical Greek elements and put them into his film? Why does he make use of these figures from classical mythology in order to tell a story set in the modern world? The lady From Shanghai movie is a film noir. The movie is a commercial Hollywood film and at the same time an â€Å"art film†. One of the aspects of the â€Å"art film† is symbolism. Welles forced us into it is symbolic subtext in order to understand it is logic. He updated classical Greek elements and put them into his film. I think the reason why Welles is using mythology to tell a story set in modern world is because mythology gives meaning to human experience. Myths are ancient, but timeless stories that stretch the bounds of daily understanding. Elsa symbolized the Sirens. She is a beautiful woman who lured Michael to fulfill her selfish desire. She wanted her husband dead. Elsa is also compared to Circe (the daughter of Helios). Just before Michael passed out from the effects of the pills, he denounced her as a blonde Circe. He sticks the gun into her ribs. He told Elsa that she killed Grisby and she is the killer. Elsa, as Circe created unsubstantial image of beasts in men. 2. A story within a story: How does the Chinese play in the film reflect the events themes of the movie itself? Michael runs into the Chinatown where he ducks inside the Mandarin Theatre, during the performance of a costumed, stylized oriental play. We will write a custom essay sample on The Lady from Shanghai Film Noir specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on The Lady from Shanghai Film Noir specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on The Lady from Shanghai Film Noir specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer The Chinese theatre scene is central to the meaning of The Lady From Shanghai. The meaning of this scene is â€Å"the alienation effect†. The play on stage revealed Elsa’s true intentions. This scene comes in a moment, when audience needed some answers. I think Welles gave us a little exposition to clear things up before he takes us to the House of Mirrors. 3. Discuss the scene in the House of Mirrors towards the end of the film. What is the symbolic importance of mirror images appearing and then being broken or shattered? Elsa’s servants kidnapped Michael to a deserted amusement park, closed for the season. I the hall of mirrors Elsa and Bannister murder one another in the fragmented shards of glass. The symbolic importance of mirror images appearing and then being broken it is that not only their bodies are being terminated, but their self-images, self-esteem, and personal legacies being shattered as well. When the mirrors are destroyed than we can see whom Elsa really is. Before Michael descended into the hall of mirrors, he twice passes signs that say: â€Å"STAND UP OR GIVE UP†. When Michael enters the hall of mirrors, the distorted images of him suggested potential lost of selfhood. . Give a detailed example of a montage from this film. For this question, you may use any example except the siren scene, the Chinese play scene, and the mirror scene, as these have been discussed above. Montage in The Lady From Shanghai is used in flashback to explain the past, ongoing actions and illustration of character’s thoughts. The scene in aquarium, when Michael met with Elsa it i s an example of a montage. There are an octopus and shark in the big tanks. Octopus is a symbol of conspiracy; shark is a symbol of power, unpredictable, dangerous. When Elsa and Michael kissed in the aquarium, the sharks made sinister passes in the tanks behind them. Michael does not know it that he is on his way to be eaten by his lover. This means the fragility of existence, the absurdity of reality, and the lie in love. When Michael O’Hara delivered a speech about the cannibal sharks; the metaphor perfectly describes the group of people with whom he traveled. 5. Explain how The Lady From Shanghai is both commercial Hollywood film and at the same time an â€Å"art film†? Give specific examples from the film’s plot, characters, and setting. The Lady From Shanghai is a commercial Hollywood film and at the same time an â€Å"art film†. The film has an art film aspects like: symbolism, social realism style, focus on thoughts and dreams of character, use of montage, close-ups, nonlinear plot, targeted selected type of audience. Examples supporting art film are: symbolism – the Sirens, Circa, the courtroom scene, Bannister named their yacht â€Å"The Circe†. When Elsa springs a trap of seduction and deception on Michael, she first leads him down back alleys until they reach a spot where a large pig is wallowing in the street (Circe) etc. Use of montage – jury’s chairs arrange as a chessboard, Judges playing chess, scene in aquarium. The film has also commercial film aspects like: making money, targeting general audience, linear plot, overlapping dialogues, violence, music aspects, soft focus, deliberately stylized glamor, commercial. Examples supporting commercial film are: use of overlapping dialogues – Chinese theater. Soft focus – glamorous soft-focus extreme close- ups of Elsa’s face. Violence – triple murder. Commercial – scene on the yacht interrupted by Glosso Lusto – hair care product commercial.